Insight Into My Social Positions

Today I received this email from a voter. My reply follows.

Dear Mr. Ayres,
Your credentials are sterling and I am considering you for my vote but I must be sure of one thing.
As a medical professional, I am adamant that women’s health care be left out of the political fray. I believe in the privacy and autonomy of the individual. If you are for liberty and the constitution, then you must include all and remove the rhetoric that is currently the distraction of the day which is personal lifestyles and women’s healthcare issues. I am not an abortion advocate but I do believe in personal choice and that God gave women the authority to care for the decision to procreate or not as the case may be. Please don’t turn back the clock and force women into horrendous and debauched medical care in this regard.

All life must be revered and we must start with the lives that are present and that we are accountable for. There is enough in that basket to keep you busy. I often give the ethical challenge as follows to those that need to think about what they are doing:

If you had two men in a hospital room and one was comatose and needed the blood from the perfect matched man in the next bed in order to survive, should there be a law forcing that man to donate his blood or….does he has a moral choice to make? Currently, we have the latter and many people die who are in need of blood or organs every day. No one would even think of forcing others to donate such even if it would only inconvenience them. I expect the same courtesy and ethical consideration for females. It is emotive to talk the baby talk because they are so defenseless and all but so are big people in medical need. It is a political football with women as the ball. It is time to stop that and make them political equals who can share their own autonomy and be a full participant with all the same rights as anyone regarding their own bodies.

Please consider your stance on this very carefully. We are loosing to Obama because he is making women and alternative lifestyle individuals inclusive in the system. as no one wants to be left out, they are going to vote for who respects their autonomy and participation. Let churches handle families and don’t let politicians meddle in family affairs.

I know some people/ideas may be repugnant to you but as a leader, you must lead by example, lead by including all and serve all as a representative to all. We have a country divided. We need to pull together as one. We have issues that are more suited to governance that needs to be addressed. I would love to hear the news reflect those issues instead of news that emotes about women and gay issues. I applaud Obama for putting the gay issue to rest and in perspective. In a sane world Republicans should leave women alone and get on with their job.
Thank you for your consideration.
Dr.Smith (not her real name)

My Reply:
Dr. Smith (not her real name),
Thank you for considering me for your vote. Here is my understanding of the abortion issue. Abortion is not a medical issue, its a political issue. Thus it’s illegal to kill the preborn Sea Turtle or Bald Eagle but not to kill a preborn human. It’s also not a matter of personal choice. Personal choice takes place when the decision is made to have unprotected sex. As long as abortion is just another option alongside condoms or pills, little baby boys and girls will pay the price. It is a matter of personal responsibility and accountability.

Unlike the initiative in a Southern state earlier this year, I understand that all life following conception is not the same. The example I use is that of an ectopic pregnancy. The life of the mother should always come first. Unfortunately, the vast majority of abortions are not done for medical necessity but rather for convenience. And that’s terrible.
With regard to alternative lifestyles, you are correct in saying some of them may be repugnant to me. Yet, as a Christian, you won’t find me to be hypocritical on this subject. There is only one right relationship within which to have intimate and sexual relationships. That’s the relationship of marriage between one woman and one man. The traditional family is the building block of civilization and should be applauded by governments at all levels.

You suggest that the federal government should be out of this matter. Unfortunately, they are not. You also suggest that Obama is winning because he includes this group. I submit that Obama will lose because he is forcing his politically expedient opinion upon us that disagree. He is anti-liberty.

A majority of states have passed constitutional amendments to ban same-sex marriage. Do they not have the freedom to make those decisions within their own states? Of course they do, yet the President has chosen to side with a minority and ignore the majority. All citizens must be represented including those who oppose abortion and dangerous lifestyles. A representative republic only works when all people are represented.
Social issues are often a sticky subject with liberty-minded people. Yet it seems entirely consistent to recognize that the same Creator that gives us our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness also condemns sexually immoral lifestyles and acknowledges that life exists within the womb.

The issues you and I have addressed, while important, are but a small part of the national discussion. There are many important issues this year. We should be focused on smaller government and fiscal responsibility. Here we will find the short term success or failure of our nation. I believe we agree more than we disagree. This is a sticking point for me and I would vote for anyone who ensures the freedom of my gender and not for anyone who threatens me or my genders fundamental rights…Obama is only one man. If he allows me to participate in the process, whatever it is, he will get my vote.