How Congress Should Treat Congress Threats

The nation’s National Security and Defense go hand in hand. When one side of the equation is weakened the other side suffers. A strong National Security Policy and Defense Program should act as a deterrent against foreign adversaries.

America’s National Security apparatus and its Defense Department is one that not only encompasses domestic security but also gives an umbrella of intellectual and financial aid to our allies around the world.
National security is defined as the requirement to maintain the survival of the country or a state through the use of economic, military and political power along with the use of active diplomacy. Accordingly, in order to possess a strong national security program, a nation needs to have strong policies in economic security and energy security to maintain its defenses with technological advancement and procurement of new weapons systems that are out of need instead of favoritism.

Today, security threats come in varied forms. Today, there are innumerable ways that an enemy can infiltrate our country’s security barriers to obtain defense secrets. This is why a strong national defense program must be supported and continually improved upon, while keeping the National Security apparatus intact and at par. Gone are the days when America could rely on on budgeted programs and Congressional passage of economic assets that a future generation would bear the cost and burden of. Congress must act in a responsible and deliberate fashion when National Security and Defense matters are at issue.

Our government must look at the threats and be able to use diplomacy to encourage ally participation to isolate threats. It must use economic power to compel cooperation while maintaining the armed forces and the National Defense system in an aggressive but understood way.

The national security apparatus must ensure that the country is able to implement civil defense and emergency preparedness this includes anti-terrorism tactics, legislation and defense measures. A strong national security and defense structure must demonstrate resilience and reduce redundancy of any critical part of the infrastructure by using intelligence services to analyze and react to threats that come in the form of espionage or military action by an enemy.

Our National Security and the nation’s defense can no longer be viewed through the political lens. Republican and Democrats must work in a cohesive way to restore what used to be the greatest National Defense and National Security programs in the world. When working relationships fail to work, it affects our abilities to show strength and national resolve. If the right decisions and the right commitments aren’t made it will weaken the chain that keeps the nation safe and our national will strong.

America will not have security if America’s defense establishment cannot be supported. What threatens our country’s security today is out of control spending on wasted resources. Skyrocketing debt along with a weakened economy gives our enemies and creditors a strong bargaining position on the battlefield and in the boardroom. Our country needs a responsible Congress which will not bend to special interests and which will always vote to protect and defend what is important to America’s security, wellbeing, and its happiness. The challenges to the countries Defense and National Security come from every corner in the world.

All this necessitates an active defense of the nation and its interest. This is why, as I stated earlier, our National Security and Defense apparatuses cannot be viewed through the political lens. Peace is the goal but the world still remains a challenge and we must meet that challenge head-on with a strong and cohesive National Security plan coordinated with a changing military plan to meet the challenges and opportunities that will confront this country.