Equity and Social Justice

I’m from Mexico but I’m currently leaving in Tennessee. I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to say but Shilpa just inspired me to just talk about my story and how I see equity and social justice in my life. As an undocumented youth living in the south and a question that he proposed; people like legislators believe that equity means that I don’t get to go college and people on the other side; I don’t know how to define it, think that equity means that I can’t have a driver’s license. Continue reading Equity and Social Justice

Small Movements of Success

Living at the moment in England but my family’s originally Scottish and came down to England to work. I was born in Manchester in a poor working class area and so one of the issues for me that’s central to equity and social justice is about social class. Just to give one example from my own experience, finding school a strange place for two reasons. One, the classroom seemed a strange place and so within our college that we run with young people not in school; nine to sixteen year olds we don’t have classrooms and no one’s ever asked for a classroom and I can explain more tomorrow when I’m doing a session around our work about why we don’t have classrooms. Continue reading Small Movements of Success

The Sense of Knowing

Ana: Hello everybody, I’m Ana and I’m not very good at words so I will ask … German I need your body here and Dave can you help me with something also? Sometimes when we talk we think that we are talking about the same things and we use words, but I heard you all and I thought that it might be good to see something.

Can you stand up in that chair for me? There’s a difference in height there, that is justice, and it’s fair. They’re both standing on a chair. Can you look that way, are those two people looking at each other and being able to see that difference? Can you turn around now? I need actually somebody shorter, you shorten up a little bit and now German I will ask you to step down on the chair and hug him. There’s no way that we can hug each other and give the person that we have in front of us if we are not really looking at them. Continue reading The Sense of Knowing

Particular Learning Environments

Ayla: Good morning my name is Ayla. What I wanted to say is as I’m listening, I’m hearing us speak about social justice and equity as though people who don’t do things a certain way don’t also believe in social justice and equity. What I want to say is that there are people who exclude other people because they believe that is what is equitable or because that is their social justice. I just want to remind us not to make any assumptions about how people believe and how they define those words. I just want to say that first. Continue reading Particular Learning Environments